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Welcome here, netizen! Come along, with me, in my journey of imbibing values to expressing ideas, conquering fears to interpreting portrayals (of life) … Proceed further, to have a glimpse of the entire world from my eyes!

Kashvee’s Crafterdays

# Craftiness is happiness

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Festive Inspirations

The greatness of life and culture can be found in its festivals…

Festivals are not only an expressive way to celebrate our glorious heritage, but also to imbibe several values and lessons related to its existence. So, balance your emotions, strengthen your love, open your eyes and absorb the faith and the learnings embedded in every festive celebration!
Get on reading these posts to know more about the festive inspirations…

  1. The Vighnaharta Within us (# Click HERE to read the entire post…)
  2. The Captivating Colours of Life (# Click HERE to read the entire post…)

Perfection is a myth… then what’s real?

Perfection is truly a myth! However, what’s real is an imperfect yet strong relation like ‘Friendship’ and an untimely, unpredictable yet natural smile!

The Irony of Life…

The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive!

Cast yourself, in the film called life, to witness the exceptional irony faced every moment! Have a glimpse of the bizarre ironies of life by reading the entire post- ‘The Irony of Life’…

Click HERE to read the entire post.

Fresh Posts!

Check out my latest posts right here…

The Captivating Colours of Life!

#Colour has the power to influence our thoughts and soul

The Satiated Shade

#It’s not important to be bright, it’s important to be self-contented

Small Things, yet a big difference

#Small things matter…


Creativity is just intelligence having fun and one of its best avatars i.e. craftiness is happiness

Craft, being the journey of the assembled handmade ideas, comes into existence to express thoughts, emotions of our heart and situations which words are unable to explain explicitly…
I, having a prodigious penchant for crafting, love paper crafts, jewellery as well as floral designing. Plunge into my crafty land of enchantment right here!

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