Let It Go…

The more you have, the more you’re occupied. The less you have, the more free you are.’

-Mother Teresa

In our ephemeral life, we tend to clench to many things, thinking it to be a wiser and a more sensible alternative… that may be money, glamour, appearance or any other ostensibly valuable thing. Surprisingly, the things which lack all of them, give rise to some of the most valuable things of the world. Like, it’s only a seed, lacking glamour and appearance which gives rise to a flower worth 2.3 million (the Juliet Rose costs 2.3 million!). That’s because, these things let go of what is unimportant (like majority of the seeds let go their professedly important outer appearance). So, just let it go…

Let go… to allow the better things come along

When you let go, you create space for better things to enter your life. Its only when the trees shed their old and dead leaves that they have the capability to bear newer and brighter leaves, and the departure of the darkness which can lead to a new ray of sunshine.

Let go… to prevent harming yourself

Take a bag of 2kg and hold it for just 5 minutes…. That’s easy, right? Now, try to hold the same bag for 5 hours!! Your hand is most likely to cramp. Similarly, when we clench to out problems for an prolonged span of time, we tend to harm ourself.

The Soul of Success- A Sacrifice

We’ve heard of the phrase ‘just let it go’ several times, which we usually tend to interpret as let go the dark phase, negative traits, problems etc. This may be right, but only till a certain extent. Sometimes, we even have to let go our happiness, daily routines and several other pleasures, to achieve something because we can’t see the rainbow, unless we have the capability to put up with the rain.

‘If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes a sacrifice itself. ‘

We cannot cross the ocean without losing sight of the shore. Similarly, we cannot accomplish any goal, without making a sacrifice for it.

‘You cannot taste the sweetness of your success if you cannot taste the bitterness of your sacrifices.’

What should I let go?

Let go the false expectations, to open the doors of reality
Let go your self-created barriers, to unleash your actual potential
Let go your fear, to rise with grit
Let go your ego, to live without addiction
Let go the superfluous noise, to listen to your inner soul
Let go the pain, to allow happiness indulge

16 thoughts on “Let It Go…

  1. A very important philosophy to adopt …For opening up all the opportunities and possibilities in your life ….Keep penning your thoughts…All the best

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kashvee you have scientifically brought out everyone’s daily behaviour in life as we always say “JANE DE”.
    It’s like all of us have have obstacles which have to be cured by LET IT GO.
    What a beautiful saying “What Should I Let It Go”….Love your thoughts writing down. Keep up. Awaiting next.

    Liked by 3 people

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