The Course of Courage

The first post of the section- ‘Reflect and Retrospect, with Kashvee’ invites the enthusiastic followers and readers to contemplate over the true essence of courage and share your valuable opinions and perspectives on the same…..Filled with a spice of doodling art and colours of a poetry, come along the COURSE OF COURAGE….

Happy Holi!- Beaming Balance of Colours

‘Mere colour can speak to the soul in thousand different ways!’ This doodle, symbolizing the epitome of love, RadhaKrishna, looks appealing and enchanting due to the appropriate balance of colours (black i.e., a manifestation of ‘all the fascinating colours’) and the significant spaces between them… similarly, on this joyous occasion of Holi, even we mustContinue reading “Happy Holi!- Beaming Balance of Colours”

Small things, yet a big difference!

Rightly quoted, ‘Sometimes small things take up the most room in your heart!’ most of my heart and its love is purely devoted to ART! If you’re vigilant and have an artistic, creative and an observant eye, you’d recognize and accept the fact, at a glance, that this piece of art seems alluring only dueContinue reading “Small things, yet a big difference!”

The Satiated Shade

Welcome to the first post of Kashvee’s Art Arcade! The colours of the above canvas painting enlighten us with two important and deep lessons of life… Its not necessary to be bright, its important to be self-contented!In this painting, the darkest colour which has been used is BLACK. Although being an extremely dark colour, it’sContinue reading “The Satiated Shade”

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