Simply Success?

Is success as easy as the word- ‘simple’ due to its symmetry of syllables? Not really, it involves innumerable sacrifices, perseverance, consistency… and the list is long!, Read through, to experience the blurry lines and individually unique, -‘path to success’….

The Captivating Colours of LIFE!

During this joyous festival of beaming diyas and vibrant colours, rangoli has and will always be an inevitable fragment. The two rangolis depicted in the pictures above, illuminate exceptionally important lessons of life- The cruciality of the variety of colours. The second one seems to be more elaborate as compared to the first one, whereasContinue reading “The Captivating Colours of LIFE!”

Let It Go…

‘The more you have, the more you’re occupied. The less you have, the more free you are.’ -Mother Teresa In our ephemeral life, we tend to clench to many things, thinking it to be a wiser and a more sensible alternative… that may be money, glamour, appearance or any other ostensibly valuable thing. Surprisingly, theContinue reading “Let It Go…”

Practice the PAUSE

‘There comes a pause, for human strength will not endure to dance without cessation;And everyone must reach the point at length of absolute prostration.’ In every chaotic but boisterous life, one is engaged in a variety of projects, burdens, functions and duties. From managing the ‘frenetic work-life’ to the ‘tedious duties’ of the personal life,Continue reading “Practice the PAUSE”

The Light of Liberation

Far beyond the paramount independence of our nation and the crucial legal systems, liberation is simply not remaining solely dependent on anyone of gravely addicted to anything for even your shadow abandons you during darkness! “We’re fighting until all cages are empty, not until all cages are comfortable.” #Liberation Liberation, in my perspective, is thatContinue reading “The Light of Liberation”

The Irony of LIFE!

Observe the above pictures of sunrise and sunset carefully…Why does the sunset appear to be more colorful as compared to the sunrise?That’s the irony of life saying that sometimes good things happen in goodbyes 🙂 Irony, is that beautiful element of our lives that makes us truly appreciate a blessing only after being deprived fromContinue reading “The Irony of LIFE!”

Friendship: The Fuel of Life

A true friend is one who cares without hesitation, remembers without limitation, forgives without any explanation and loves even with a little communication… 🙂 The priceless presence of a true friend A plant always stands strong and firm on the ground only due to its roots. However, most of the times the roots of aContinue reading “Friendship: The Fuel of Life”

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