My Second Blogiversary!

Over the moon! Ecstatic and elated to celebrate the successful completion of two years of- ‘The World From My Eyes’. Thank you readers and followers for making this possible… Since the past two years, my passionately created blogging site has achieved several feats and milestones, because of the unprecedented support of the followers 🙂 HereContinue reading “My Second Blogiversary!”

My First Blogiversary!

Having published my first ever blog post on 28 June 2020,
And my heart throbbing with eagerness and anxiety in plenty;
The journey has been enthralling, engaging, unique and queer…
It has been a long way, it has been a year!

A celebration is worth it! Thank you to each of the enthusiastic reader and passionate follower reading my blog, proliferating my interest (in blogging) and increasing my creativity…

It’s Time to Celebrate! (200+ Followers)

Thanks a bunch, enthusiastic reader! Thank you for making me a passionate blogger and achieving this great milestone today. Check out my post, and accept my heartfelt gratitude. Thanks 🙂

THANK YOU! (50+ Followers)

Appreciation can make a day, and even change a life! Your willingness to put it all into words is all that is necessary. Margaret Cousins I cannot express my full, heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ to each of my follower, but these words are surely a start! A wholehearted, profound thank you to each of my followerContinue reading “THANK YOU! (50+ Followers)”

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